Prof. Dr. Wim Hardyns

Terrorism, Social capital, Security, Police, New technologies, Radicalisation, Big data, Predictive policing, Event management, Fear of crime, Sport-related crime, Social cohesion, Disorder

Prof. Dr. Jelle Janssens

Organised Crime, Terrorism, Violent Extremism, Police, Peace And Related Stability Operations, Policing, International Policing, Administrative Approaches Organised Crime, Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, Intelligence, Police Management, Security Sector Reform, Security Policies

Dr. Noel Klima

Criminology, Societal Impact, Evaluation, Security Policy, Crime Prevention, Research Policy, Interdisciplinarity, Violent Extremism, Crime Risk Management

Dr. Stéphanie De Coensel

Counter-terrorism, Terrorism, Radicalization, Criminal procedure, Criminal law

Prof. Dr. Lieven Pauwels

Rule-Breaking and Victimization, Neighborhood Effects, Evolution of Norms and Self-Control, Crime Prevention

Prof. Dr. Gert Vermeulen

Human rights law, Procedural law, Punishment and criminal justice, Criminal law, Information law, European law

Prof. Dr. Marc Cools

Private Policing and Security Services, Criminological Theories, Historical Criminology, Safety, Prevention and Police, Causes and Prevention of Crime

Dr. Arne Dormaels

Innovation & Security, Governance of Security, Crime & Security Research, Policing, Corruption Studies

Courtney Marsh

Police Organisational Culture, Qualitative Research

Lana De Pelecijn

Terrorism, (violent) extremism and radicalization, Deradicalization and disengagement in Belgian prisons

Rachid Kerkab

Strategy, Innovation & Foresight, Public Safety, Security Policy & Justice Domain, Risk Management