Prof. Dr. Marc Cools

Private Policing and Security Services, Criminological Theories, Historical Criminology, Safety, Prevention and Police, Causes and Prevention of Crime

Cools Marc (°1962) holds a PhD in Criminology (Free University of Brussels) and certificates in Business Economics (IPO Management School- Antwerp University) and International Management in the Telecommunications Industry (London Business School). He lectured at the Antwerp Police Academy, the School for Criminology of the Justice Department, Antwerp Management School and Paris X La Défense Nanterre University. He was advisor for the former Belgian Justice Minister, Mr. Marc Verwilghen. Today he is Professor of Criminology at Ghent University and the Free University of Brussels, Visiting Professor at Nyenrode University, member of the scientific council Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers – Criminologie Paris and teaches at the Intelligence & Security School of the Ministry of Defence. He also is ‘Officier in de Kroonorde (B)’, ‘Ridder in de Leopoldsorde (B)’ and ‘Chevalier dans l’ordre des Palmes académiques (F)’.