Dr. Stéphanie De Coensel

Counter-terrorism, Terrorism, Radicalization, Criminal procedure, Criminal law

Stéphanie De Coensel (1993) is a Master of Laws (Ghent University, 2016) and Doctor of Law (Ghent University, 2020). In October 2021, Stéphanie has obtained a FWO Junior Postdoctoral Fellowship and is appointed Visiting Lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Criminology (Ghent University) in the field of criminal law. She is affiliated with the Institute of International Research on Criminal Policy (IRCP), a research group within the Department of Criminology, Criminal Law and Social Law. In addition, Stéphanie is a member of the PIXLES-platform (i.e. a knowledge hub on Privacy, Information Exchange, Law Enforcement and Surveillance).

Her field of expertise concerns counter-terrorism and criminal law. Her doctoral research has focused on a normative legitimacy test of terrorism-related offences on expression, information and movement, in terms of subsidiarity, proportionality and legality. Stéphanie’s postdoctoral research builds upon the ideas developed in her PhD, but focuses on the phases of adjudication and sentence execution.

Alongside the role of postdoctoral researcher, Stéphanie also carries out supporting educational tasks and mentors several students. In addition, she is a member of multiple commissions within the Faculty of Law and Criminology.